Face Color and Blush

For sculpted-looking contours: be a master of face color and blush.

Great face color and blush, with any technique, at any age.

Just by adding a little color, your face suddenly looks rosy, youthful, and vibrant. That’s why women of all ages are using face color and blush more and more. We recommend a red tone as a basic color to bring out a natural-looking rosiness. And if you’re having trouble choosing the right color or using it properly, read on. Once you learn the basics of choosing and using face color and blush, it’ll be a breeze for you.

Basic program

1How to find your starting point

Your starting point will always be around the intersection of the line that connects the tip of your nose and the center of your ear, and the line connecting your temple to the corner of your mouth.

Point: You can change the look of your face shape.

Some cheeks are shorter than others. If you feel your cheeks are too long, try applying blush horizontally, from your starting point all the way out to the side, blending it to block off the length of your face. This will give you a more balanced look.

If you have a round or oval face and you feel your cheeks are too short, apply blush from your starting point inward toward your temples, creating a sharper angle, to achieve a slimmer look.

  • Long faceLong face
  • Round / Oval faceRound / Oval face

2Use the brush to create a gradated look

To give your cheeks a beautifully sculpted look, apply gradated color from your starting point outward. To create a gradual color contrast, plant your brush lightly onto your starting point, and move it in large, spiraling motions, paying attention to the roundness of your cheeks.

Point: Take the blush deeply into your brush, for even color.

Once you pull the blush onto your brush, press the brush against the back of your hand or onto a tissue to work blush deeply into the bristles and help prevent the blush from going on unevenly.

Ready for some advanced techniques?
Take total control of your look and your face shape!

Youthful effect

To create a youthful image, choose a red or orange hue and apply it in a rounded shape, right the center of your cheek. If you have hollow cheeks, apply the color in a soft, rounded “apple” to make your cheeks look fuller. If you have more volume in the lower part of your face, apply blush in an oblong shape along your cheekbone, with your starting point at the center of the oval. This will brighten and energize your face.

Sophisticated effect

Apply blush a little higher than your normal starting point, in a slightly slanted oval shape. This will add drama to your face. It’s glamorous look for parties, too. For a feminine touch, go with a rose hue; and for a more intense look, choose a brown hue, applied under the cheekbone.

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