Ready to Sparkle?

At IBUKI, we keep creating and innovating and we know you do too. As you contend with family, friends, career and young children, let IBUKI support you and your skin for a trouble-free and smoother complexion.
Join us each month for a touch of insight and inspiration. We hope to delight you, make you smile and bring more beauty into your life.
With IBUKI, you’ll never lose your sparkle.

Lighten up!

You know your best friend with the crooked little smile?
She hates it, but you know how charming it is when her face lights up.
Be your own best friend to your imperfections. If you see something you don’t like about your appearance, imagine what your best friend would tell you.

She would be diplomatic and encouraging.
Your best friend would point out your excellent features, your tiny little waist, your gorgeous hands, and how no one is prettier in sky blue than you. Use this information to lighten up on yourself. Leave your imperfections alone and focus on your beauty assets.

If sky blue is your color (or deep aubergine or emerald green), wear it often. Buy scarves, earrings, socks in your perfect shade. Every time you see something that appeals to you in that color, pick up another piece. A color that flatters your complexion is an instant energy and confidence boost.

So do not take yourself or your imperfections too seriously. Be your own best friend. Smile at your reflection and see the beauty that is in you. Let it radiate out to others and you will just float through your day with happy vibes.

Softening Concentrate

Let IBUKI pave the way for an even better day. By adding softness and suppleness to your skin with the Softening Concentrate, you eliminate visible signs of fatigue and discomfort. With IBUKI, you’ll never lose your sparkle.