Bring out your unique natural beauty, authentic self with WASO's exclusive approach of fusing nature and technology, balancing skin and mind that nurtures the strength to resis skin troubles



All things beautiful
come from nature.

WASO is simplicity.
Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Washoku.

Discover WASO


Washoku Philosophy

Based on the washoku philosophy of
"respecting individuality to maximize
the ingredient", which is at the core of
this food culture, WASO contains key
washoku ingredients known for
promoting health and beauty in
Japan. It uses the power of botanicals
to bring out their benefits.

PhyoResist System+

A technology that uses the
power of botanicals to make
unstable skin with recurring
troubles healthy in its condition.
By reinforcing the barrier
function, a virtuous cycle is
promoted and the skin is
maintained in a healthy state.


WASO Approach

Delivers the natural essence of botanicals
to the skin to
work on the cause of recurring
troubles and enhances skin´s
resistance, to
bring out the natural beauty of younger skin






Carrot for nourishment
— and that´s not
the whole story.

Clear Mega-hydrating Cream

A pure, clear cream that plumps,
softens and hydrates from the get-go.
Serious nourishment under or over makeup.

Carrots are cause
for celebration, too.

Color-smart Day Moisturizer SPF 30

Brightening moisture for combination
skin with a tint that changes color to
enhance skin tone. Healthy looking
glow or foundation kick-start.

Loquat leaf for
oil balancing
— a delicate
balancing act

Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free

An oil-free, oil-balancing emulsion
that smooths, hydrates and mattifies.

Contains whole loquat cells to improve
shine and visible pores of unstable skin

Loquat leaf doesn´t
let popularity go to
its head.

Color-smart Day Moisturizer Oil-free SPF 30

An oil-balancing, mattifying emulsion with
sun protection and a tint that changes color
to enhance skin tone.

Soybeans curd for
smoothness —
it´s start-over time.

Soft+Cushy Polisher

Plant-based cellulose granules in
a whipped, tofu-like formula.
Gently reveals fresh-looking skin
and leaves it feeling smooth.

Honey for purification
— it´s perfectly simple.

Quick Gentle Cleanser

This cleanser foams without water to break
down dirt, excess oil and excuses to sleep in
makeup. The honey and royal jelly formula
rinses off leaving skin soft, not stripped.

White jelly mushrooms
for hydration
— you dew you.

Fresh Jelly Lotion

A shot of dewy hydration from the white
jelly mushrooms. Transforming from gel to
lotion, instantly refreshing and restoring.