Free your skin from the feeling of dark spots.
WHITE LUCENT pushes brightening forward, to bring out your skin’s glowing, luminous best now, and into the future.

Beauty reveals your luminosity.

Beauty reveals your luminosity.

Beauty reveals
your luminosity.

Enlightened skincare. Instant light.

Continuous clarity.

Proapproachx2 Technology

Shiseido WHITE LUCENT is an innovative and renewed whitening skin treatment. It strikes against spots, offering both
quick-acting effects, and the ongoing
benefits of whitening skincare treatments.


Melanin resistance technology strengthens the skin, using the
latest technology in whitening skincare treatments.

  •   SAKURAResist Technology
  •   SAKURAResist Technology



Various specialised dark spot minimizing technologies used in professional cosmetics
procedures bring quick-acting results to improve the skin. Each
one has inspired a specialised
item for the new WHITE LUCENT.

  •   MicroTarget Technology
  •   MultiBright Technology
  •   Luminizing Surge Technology
  •   Deep Infuse Technology


Skin Brightening

MicroTargeting Spot Corrector

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Accurately targets spots scattered all over the skin with laser-like precision.

MicroTarget Technology

Works on the multitudes of undefined small spots scattered
all over the skin. With oil of low molecular weight incorporated
into the complex, the serum can penetrate into the skin for
extra-precise targeting.

MultiBright Night Cream

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IPL treatments are not the only way to solve multiple discolouration problems. MultiBright Night Cream harnesses the power of overnight restorative factors.

MultiBright Technology

Promotes the Moonlight Recharge Factor, a key to repairing daily damage overnight.

Luminizing Surge

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Like a second layer of skin, it creates an invisible power veil to discourage reappearance of spots.

Luminizing Surge Technology

Maximizes the brightening treatment’s effect by protecting
skin with an “veil” and helping to
take care of skin while delivering whitening components.

Luminizing Infuser

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It delivers ingredients deeply, for more responsive and radiant skin.

Deep Infuse Technology

Softens the skin’s surface to let whitening components penetrate into skin with dark spots.

Beauty is a skincare ritual.
Discover yours.

Shiseido believes that the secret to the beauty lies within the skin’s own natural defensive and regenerative powers.
After years of research, we’ve developed
a holistic approach to channeling these powers, for skin that resists problems and improves its own condition, now and in
the future. As its beauty is reignited from within, your skin reaches its full potential.

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

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